Benefits of Bluetooth shower speaker

HD water resistant Bluetooth shower speaker

HD water resistant Bluetooth 3.0 shower speaker is one of the best choices of today’s times. This electronic device can even work in the shower. This top notch quality Bluetooth speaker does not require any wire to connect and can work for hours.

The HD water resistant Bluetooth shower speaker is now the first choice of every person. Since its launch, it has received some very good reviews from the users. The marketing manager of the Liztek said, “Since the launch of Bluetooth 3.0 shower speaker we can say that people have liked it more than any other Bluetooth shower speaker. The high definition of Bluetooth 3.0 shower speaker connects seamlessly and can even provide streaming for up to 6 hours”.

The top features of this shower speaker are

a.       The speaker is resistant to water and produces a loud and very clear sound in the shower and out of the shower.

b.      The speaker has universal compatibility with the iPod, iPhone tablets, Android, MP4, MP3, and the digital players with Bluetooth enabled in them.

c.       The speaker provides you extremely easy access to Volume Up/ Handsfree talking, Volume Down/ Backward/ fast forward/ Power buttons/ Pause/Play.

d.      The six hours of continuous streaming lets you enjoy music and call without any hassle.

e.      This speaker is great to be used for listening to the music not just in shower at home, but you can also use it nearside the shower room, on boat, beach, bathtub, poolside, and kitchen.

f.        The Bluetooth speaker is available in a number of colours such as the blue, yellow, and green.


  1. This speaker is perfect for the environments that are water punishing and no normal Bluetooth speaker can work.
  2. You can keep your Bluetooth enabled device at a distance of not less than 33 feet away and still connect the two devices without any hindrance.
  3. You can enjoy the sound quality for up to 6 hours and with this speaker you can take calls and listen to the music anytime every time.

Other particulars –

Apart from the features mentioned above, you can find that the Bluetooth Shower speaker can also connect to the last device it was connected automatically. The device has buttons to make access easy as much as possible. The speaker gets charged in just a time of 3 hours.

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