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USB Charging HUB

As the electronic products are now available at highly reasonable prices due to their convenience and incredibly high demand, Liztek has made its presence felt yet again. The company has launched a high-quality USB hub. The product is experiencing high demand among the customers due to its design, quality, and reasonable price. Speaking on the success of the product, Liztek’s marketing manager said, “We are glad to have launched this product. Each of us has loads of tasks to deal with. And the problem of reduced spaces is not unknown to all. The Liztek USB hub efficiently answers all such issues in a smart way.”

The major specifications of the USB hub are –

1. The USB hub can add seven 3.0 ports with the transfer rate of as high as 5Gbps.

2. The ports in the device are indicated with the LED lights.

3. The chipset in the USB hub is highly reliable and it is one perfect hub for power control.

4. The USB hub is equipped with a built-in over current/ overvoltage/ leakage/ short protection module.

5. The device also efficiently supports hot swaps and plug and play feature.

6. The product has a certified UL design, with the materials used for manufacture are industry graded.

7. The circuitry in the USB hub is the premium quality that ensures high reliability and performance.

8. One set of Liztek’s USB Hub has a 7-Port hub, power adapter cable, 3.0 data cable, user manual, and no-hassle warranty of 18 months.

Speaking in his recent interview, the CEO of Liztek said, “We have given people a versatile product with multiple uses. Liztek USB hub is the best seller on Amazon and Walmart marketplace in the USA, it’s compatible with card reader, tablets, desktops, and Macs. The device is also compatible with external hard drive, USB flash drive, camera, tablets, cell phones, USB Network Adapter, and USB peripherals in order to support hassle-free charging and accessibility.
The marketing manager said, “We are offering 100% money back guarantee to our customers in case they are not satisfied with the product. In that case the customers can ship the product back to us.”

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