Liztek is the best seller of Wireless Doorbell and it’s 10 benefits

Portable Wireless Doorbell

Liztek has launched highly reasonable and easy to use Wireless Doorbell in the market. Since the launch, Amazon is experiencing a high demand in the product’s sale due to its sophisticated design. The CEO of the company said, “After the launch of the wireless doorbell we are seeing the sales of the product have elevated. There are hundreds of orders on everyday basis that we are fulfilling. The doorbell is small yet very helpful. It does not require any wired connection and is available in lowest prices.”

Top 10 benefits of Liztek Wireless Doorbell

1. The Liztek wireless doorbell can be plugged without any hassle into any electrical outlet. It is designed to support the voltage of as less as 110 V to as high as 220 V.

2. The doorbell doesn’t work on the batteries. It can be straightaway plugged into the electrical outlet.

3. The doorbell has a transmitter for providing an operating range of 1000 feet, and it can also provide the operating range of 500 feet in enclosed spaces. It ensures that you will miss no visitor in the future.

4. There are not less than 52 chimes (custom), and the level of volume varies from 0 to 4 which ranges the audio power from 25db to as much as 110db. Choose the chime you would love to install in your doorbell.

5. The Liztek wireless doorbell has a transmitter that has been designed to be used in water-punishing environments. This doorbell is weatherproof. It is perfect to be used in outdoors.

6. The wireless doorbell has been certified by CC, FCC, and RoHS.

7. This doorbell is considered as one of the best choices when you are going to buy another doorbell. It will last for years to come.

8. The doorbell is so very easy to use and does not cause any hassle.

9. All you have to do is unpack the package and plug the bell into any electrical outlet.

10. The power of the transmitter in the doorbell is 12V alkaline Type A23 battery.

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