Difference between Bluetooth Speaker and Bluetooth Receiver

Bluetooth speaker V/S receiver


Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker is one of the latest wireless inventions in the field of science and technology, where the mobile phone, laptops or any Bluetooth device can directly be connected with the speaker with the help of the Bluetooth (wireless connection). The user just have to ON or open the Bluetooth of his or her smart phone and connect the Bluetooth of the speaker with the cell phone by accessing through Bluetooth settings. Then the user can enjoy all the songs, in an amplified manner without any wired connection or wireless.
The Bluetooth speaker is equipped with both the software and hardware components. The hardware components are a kind of an antenna chip, which sends and receives the signals automatically. On the other hand the software detects the incoming Bluetooth signals through the cell phone and sends them out, in a manner, which is detected by another connected device. The Bluetooth speaker enables one enjoying the high quality audio sounds without any wired connection.

Bluetooth Receiver

Bluetooth Receiver is a device or technical equipment that receives the electrical signals, waves and renders them perceptible to the senses, as a part of the telephone held to the ear or it can be a radio receiving set or even a television receiving set. The Bluetooth Receiver is a basic term used for a built in radio turner and work like an amplifier. The receiver is commonly used in remote controls like TV remote, home theater, etc. the receiver is designed to receive all the audio and video signals from the sources in order to process them and give output as an amplified through devices like DVD players, VCR’s, blue ray players etc. a receiver can also be defined as the radio receiver which is used a basic part of radio communication link.


Bluetooth speaker’s technology is based on the receiver’s technology. Bluetooth speaker works on the principle of receiver only. With the help of receiver, Bluetooth speaker is able to receive the signal shared by the phone or the respective connected device and then able to give output as an audio.

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