Here’s a Quick Way to listen Music on Speaker in tours and travel

People enjoy listing music while on go and especially when they are on holiday. Music can let you forget your journey and you can indulge in that. If you miss your home speaker to listen your favorite songs then you should know about the Bluetooth speaker. It’s a wonderful source of entertainment while go.  You can have a portable speaker with you with a high quality sound. The main advantage of Bluetooth speaker is you can easily connect them with your mobile or ipad wireless.

Bluetooth speaker technology and features

Bluetooth is very efficient way to transfer the data between devices wirelessly. Both devices should be Bluetooth enabled to pair both the devices. Device can stay connected in a good range of around 35 feet. It transmits the data in very consistent manner so there is no change of data loss and break in music streaming. Bluetooth 3.0 is the latest version of this and most of the latest devices has Bluetooth 3.0 enabled.

Liztek Portable wireless speakers are best for this purpose as they are very portable and with high definition sound. Liztek PSS-60 is one of the fast selling Bluetooth speakers which is loved by travelers.

Features of Liztek speaker

As I mentioned above they are portable and easy to carry along. Total weight of Liztek Bluetooth speaker is just 8 ounces. Design is also very stylist you will love keeping it in your travel bag. It has 6W of speaker which produce sound which can let you forget all your worries. This speaker works on Bluetooth 3.0 technology which is the best for connectivity. The other advantage of this is once you paired the device forget about the pairing it again. it has button to change the music, play and pause. Once you charge this you can run this for 6 hours continuously. This amazing device is available in just $19.95 which a very little price to make your journey happening.

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