Liztek is the best seller of Bluetooth shower speaker

Bluetooth shower speaker

As the technology is making continuous uncontrolled advancements, the ease of wireless, impressively quick, and the classy communication methods has also increased. The Liztek is offering its customers the best shower speakers, as there should be no stopping of entertainment or calls whenever there is a need.

Best Seller of Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Yes, the best seller of Bluetooth shower speaker is Liztek. These speakers work up to 8 to 10 hours when fully charged. As the conventional speakers cannot operate under water-punishable environments, this Bluetooth speaker scores an extra point. These speakers can be connected to smart phones, iPhone tablets, Android phones, tablets, MP3, MP4, and so much more digital players with Bluetooth as the default feature.

These devices are perfect to be used on beaches, kitchen, bathroom, shower, pools, car, boat, and even in the outdoors. With the impressive range of colors such as the red, blue, green and others, they looked classy and made using the latest technology.

The speaker has buttons to keep your volume low or high, play and pause the music track, previous or next track with the button to answer calls whenever receive them. There is the built-in battery that can be recharged with the help of a USB connector in just three hours. The best feature about these speakers is that they are used even in the environments with full of moisture and water, remaining unaffected and working just as new to produce a high quality of sound.

One gets the most pleasing and loud sounds from these Bluetooth shower speaker by Liztek. These devices weigh varying on their specifications and design. Liztek JSS-100 weighs 45g in weight, with 2.25 inch of thickness, and the diameter of 3.25 inch which can be compared to the size of a soap bar.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker from Liztek can be used for enjoying music or listening, answering, and even making important calls. The best feature of these speakers is their connectivity as they can connect when the digital device is at a distance of as far as 33 feet.

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