Liztek Launches Low price Bluetooth shower speaker

Liztek as introduced a water resistance shower speaker which serves the high definition audio purpose for environments such as the shower. This speaker is unlike the normal speaker that damage when coming in contact with the water.

Liztek has newly launched a Bluetooth shower speaker available at the most reasonable prices. The speaker is perfect as it gives the high definition audio in the environments where the speaker may even come in contact with the water. This device is great for environments such as the bathrooms and the showers for having unhindered enjoyable sessions not getting hampered by any ordinary speaker.

This is one of the best ever introductions to the lovers of music. Not just listening to music, one can answer calls in the high definition audio even in the showers.

Here are some notable features of this speaker –

  1. The speaker can be connected to your mobile phones, mp3 players, iPod, and many other Bluetooth devices for seamless connectivity and unhindered music time.
  2. The Bluetooth speaker connects even in the range of 33 feet away from the device to which it is connected.
  3. The Bluetooth 3.0 wireless connectivity is the technology implemented to make the device.
  4. The device is designed in such a way that it connects with android phone, tablets, iPhone, mp4 and mp3 devices seamlessly.
  5. There is a water proof mic which is built in for both the indoor use and the outdoor use.
  6. The purpose of introducing this device was the unhampered high definition sound of music and calls which everybody in the world would love.
  7. The device has been designed using the best quality material and perfect for years of use without any glitches.
  8. The Liztek Bluetooth Shower speaker has options for taking calls, volume low, volume high, play, pause, fast forward, and other power options.

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