Liztek PSS-60 Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker For Every Person on the go

Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Liztek has introduced a new Bluetooth speaker that apart from being wireless caters to needs of people on the go. You can listen to music or take call, no matter where you are. It works for 6 hours when fully charged and has a rechargeable battery.

Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

PSS-60 Ultra Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is introduced by Liztek for realizing the needs of people on the go. The speaker is manufactured for people that cannot always carry wireless speakers with them. These speakers are available in a number of colours, black, red, blue and many others.

In a press interview, the marketing manager of Liztek describing about the speaker said, “We have worked for years to come up with something like PSS-60 ultra portable wireless bluetooth speaker is. The technology it employs is far advanced and we have been receving positive reviews ever since its launch.”

            Notable features -

  • It is compatible with music streaming without the use of wire, i.e. it is wireless device and works without any wire. The music streaming is possible with New bluetooth v3.0 technology.
  • There are two acoustic 6V drivers that are highly powerful. They are ultra small in size and produce a wide spectrum of audio.
  • The wirelss speaker has a built-in rechargeable Li-Ion Battery that offers playtime of not less than 6 hours. The speaker also has a microphone that offers the provision of hands-free calling on phones. These speakers are extremely easy to pair with any bluetooth device as no pin/code is required.
  • This is a feature that all the Liztek speaker would offer you. The PSS-60 Ultra portable speaker can be connected to jack of the standard headphone directly.
  • You can charge the speaker in just a matter of two or three hours.
  • The best part of Liztek speakers is that they can be connected to the bluetooth devices even if the two devices are at a distance of 33 feets away.
  • The speaker has buttons for making the access super easy such as the Play/ Pause, previous/ next track, volume up and volume down button.
  • The bluetooth speaker also gives commands about the mode it is working in.

Compatibility -

            The Liztek speaker is compatible with the iPad, tablets, iPhone, Android, smartphones and all the devices with a bluetooth feature. You can turn the speaker and phone set on maximum sound for the best quality audio.


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