Now You Can Use Video Graphics adapter card for Connect external Display

Connecting multiple monitor is a challenge for many people. Usually laptop has one port to connect only one monitor at a time. Connecting more than one monitor is not possible directly. People choose small screen size and light weight laptop to carry. But working on this small laptop for a long time is very difficult. Multiple monitors are necessary for a person who works on multiple tasks at same time. With the help of Graphics adapter you can easily connect more than one monitor with your laptop and desktop.

What is Graphics adapter card

This graphic card adapter works as a bridge between your laptop and monitor. It connects laptop/desktop with the help of a USB port. Monitor connectivity is handled by standard HDMI or DVI adaptors.  Liztek graphics adapter is best option available in the market for this purpose. You can easily connect upto six monitors with help of this adaptor. Separate graphic adaptor card is required to connect six different monitors.

Benefits of Liztek Graphics adapter

It uses USB 3.0 cable to connect with laptop which is used in transferring data with very high speed. USB 2.0 is also supported. Because of this high speed you will not feel any delay in data transfer and easily access and use the folders. Monitors can be connected to extend the display or to create an independent screen. Monitor can be connected with both HDMI and DVI cable. Resolution quality of the output is very high it supports resolution upto 2048*1152.

Installation and support

Required software will get installed automatically with help of Window updates. Though required driver CD also comes along with the device. This adapter card is supported by window system and doesn’t work with Linux or MAC system.

Size and design

This is very light weight and a small adaptor. You can easily carry this adaptor along with you for office use purpose.

Liztek Video graphics adapter card  is available in just $47.95 which is very less compare to other available option in market.

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