What is the importance of Bluetooth shower speaker?

Importance of Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Now there is no stopping on handling important calls even if you are in the mid of the shower. Enjoy music in whatever you do, boating, during a shower, in pools, driving, and on beaches too. The latest developments of technology ensure that you have no reason to say not connected with the world. A wireless connection with excellent sound quality is one best example of seamless connectivity offered by Bluetooth shower speakers.

The Bluetooth speakers are installed with Bluetooth technology 3.0 enabling the user to use the device in showers, kitchens, and the other areas where the other kind will not be able to function. These speakers are directly connected to any android phone, iPhones, iPad, smartphone and all the other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The device has a suction cup, with thickness of 2.25 inch and having a diameter of 3.25 .

Here are a few notable features of Bluetooth Shower speakers

1.    These speakers are connected with the Bluetooth enabled electronic devices at a distance of as far as 33 feet away.

2.    These speakers have the buttons for play, power, pair, pause, previous track, next track, and volume low, volume high and answering calls.

3.    The facility of charging the speaker using the USB connector enables an individual to charge the speaker in just 3 hours.

4.    The Bluetooth shower speaker functions for up to 6 hours offering the facility of hands-free calling experience including the microphone (built-in) and resistance to water.

5.    The excellent sound quality from this Bluetooth shower speaker allows the user to make the best use of the device in boat, bathroom, outdoors, beach, car, and kitchen.

6.    The device is best used when you have some unavoidable call, and without actually handling the phone, one can take the call.

The Bluetooth Shower Speakers have cutting-edge technology that best understands the current needs of people and busyness of schedule. It is also a great source of entertainment if one wants to listen to the music while doing the daily chores without any hindrance, leading to the best productivity.

Colors available: Blue, Yellow, Green

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