What is the use of External HDD Docking Station?

HDD Docking Station

As countless terabytes of data are generated every day, it became difficult to keep track of every single file and folder. Professional, as well as every individual facing the trouble of handling numerous files, had to deal with this problem by having a source that could save tons of files, folders, audio, and video for future use. The best answer to this problem is the HDD docking station. This device is highly efficient and supports USB display units of various types.

Some important features of HDD Docking Station:

1. The HDD docking station is designed to support up to six USB display devices, namely VGA, HDMI, and DVI ports of the monitor.
2. The docking station can support the resolution of the display of up to 2048×1152/1920×1200.
3. Not just the display devices are enabled with the use of HDD docking stations, video on the mode of mirrored desktop, extended desktop, and even the primary mode run efficiently.
4. Other than this, the device provides the assistance to run the audio files with the use of microphone and headset.
5. The station is capable of supporting the dual monitors.
6. It also can connect Gigabit Ethernet supporting IEEE 802.3x flow control, 802.3ab, and 802.3.
7. There are added ports to enable the super-fast charging of smartphones and tablets.
8. The docking station has the impressive provision of ports for USB attachments.

Liztek HDD docking station

The HDD docking station works with 12V AC adapter with 2A charging. Recently, Liztek has launched its series of docking stations for the easy and enhanced quality of work in the minimum possible time frame. The device is excellent when used with Personal computers, laptops, and ultra books, offering enhanced functionality with quality output.
The newest standards of the device make it one of the most trusted and popular devices in the technological world. The docking stations are nowadays also providing chip-set for downloading latest drivers for convenient and fast usage. This product is best for all the laptops, personal computers, and for charging the mobile devices in no time.

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